Practice Plus

The ADAVB acknowledges that running a successful business while providing care and attention to your patients is a complex matter. Staffing issues, systems management, business efficiency and other practice requirements may require external assistance. Practice Plus has therefore been established to provide support, assistance, resources and information.

Practice Plus resources

Your ADAVB membership entitles you to a comprehensive range of resources to help you run your practice. These resources are available as manuals, individuals templates and information sheets. The majority are available free of charge by logging in and clicking on the links within the 'List of practice resources' below. A limited range, including the Practice Set Up Manual and Personnel File, are available for purchase.


Making Practice Management Easier

Practice Plus Events
Practice Plus Staff
Ms Teresa Davine
Practice Plus Consultant
Ms Ann Lane
Practice Plus Co-ordinator
Ms Sharon McMillan
Practice Plus Consultant
List of Practice Resources for Members
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