Practice Plus Consulting Services

The ADAVB's Practice Plus Unit offers a range of practice consulting services on a fee for service basis. Our consultants can offer advice and assistance in these areas:


Infection Control

  • Review / staff training and/or report

Practice Set-Up

  • Buying, start-up, selling or closing

Practice Acceditation

  • Introductory and re-accreditation
  • Guidance for completion and management

Team Building and Up-Skilling Staff



  • Review and/or staff training

Practice Evaluation

  • Whole practice review using iAudit tool.


Consulting services are at the base rate of $220.00 (incl. GST) per hour per consultant. 

For Staff Training & Development there is a limit of 20 people from 3 practices. NB. May require more than one consultant in attendance.

Practice Plus subscription includes entitlement to a 25% discount on usual hourly rates.

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Practice+ Service Abstract


Dependent upon the type of assistance requested and the size of the practice, a site visit for Infection Control would initially require one hour to observe staff, then three hours for staff training. Throughout the assessment process discussion will occur on the methods used in the past, what has worked and has not, as well as your ideal short and long term outcomes, and issues pertinent to our assessment. A written report outlining our recommendations may be produced on request for an additional fee.

The amount of time required to write the report will depend on the level of detail. We will provide a quotation based on a conservative estimate of the time required to address your concerns.

There are many areas of communication and team building that address organisational matters and systems management, so you will find that some of the solutions will have a far broader effect than your initial focal area. As appropriate you will also be provided with documents to implement within your practice. Reports are comprehensive and may be 4 to 6 pages or more plus additional resources. If you need further clarification or assistance during implementation, a Practice Plus consultant is available for phone or email consultation.

Infection Control

To ensure you comply with the Dental Board of Australia and Australian and New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS 4815:2006) and to protect your patients, staff and practice, it is essential that you and your staff are trained in the latest infection control procedures and protocols.


Practice Set Up
There are many guidelines, legislation and practical considerations in setting up a practice. If you are considering buying or establishing a new practice you may require advice and consultation on the things to be considered. You may also require training for constructing a Business Plan, Strategic Plan and Risk Management Plan.  Our consultants also provide advice on selling or closing a practice.

Needs Assessment Interview(s)

This may be ongoing throughout the set-up process, to establish where you are at with your set-up plan.  Our consultants will assist you to develop a personal checklist, timeline and budget for the project.

Governance Processes

To assist with the establishment of policies and procedures to ensure quality governance of your practice.

Assistance with developing a Business Plan
This service is suitable for both new and established practices. A one-on-one training session for development of a Business Plan, Strategic Plan and Risk Management Plan, with templates for you to complete for your business. These can assist you in planning for the progression of your business, applying for loans with the bank or leasing equipment. Depending on individual needs this is approximately 2 hours.


Team Building and Up-Skilling Staff

Team Building
To develop a more cohesive working environment for staff. Individual interviews to ascertain issues, then appropriate staff development exercises which lead to a more collaborative work place.

Review Efficiency and Workflow
Ensure there is systematic flow at reception, clear of obstructions and possible OH&S risks. Review the appointment procedure, patient check in and out procedure to ensure maximum efficiency throughout the dentist/s day. Review new patient registration. Provide advice regarding the appearance of the reception and waiting area to ensure patient comfort, privacy and ease of movement.
Review suitable facilities for speaking to patients on the telephone, carrying out accounts tasks in private (such as banking), provision of a friendly critique on OH&S risks, review of documentation procedures, processing of incoming results (such as radiology and pathology), mail, traffic flow and message procedures.

Review Policy and Procedures
If your practice has a comprehensive Policy and Procedure Manual you may require assistance to update it to meet current regulatory guidelines and legislation or review in preparation for Practice Accreditation.

Recruitment, Retention and Performance of Staff
We can assess your Performance Review forms and educate Practice Principals and/or Practice Managers on the importance and use of documentation for a personnel file to meet the Fair Work Act and future practice accreditation requirements.

Establish Person Specific Position Description/s

We tailor standard template Position Descriptions to meet the needs of your practice.

Construct a Person Specific Performance Review form

Performance Reviews are an important tool for giving and gaining staff feedback. To provide the best feedback they should be constructed in line with the role and duties of the individual not a “one size fits all” template.

Developing advertisement for staff

We obtain details about the position, expectations, type of practice fit, type of media you are choosing to advertise with, plus more from you via telephone, and then forward the wording for the advertisement to you to place the ad.

Staff Management, Delegation and Responsibilities
To evaluate the effectiveness of the management structure in line with job descriptions and to define areas of responsibility and delegation within the practice.

Review Staff Conduct, Presentation and Customer Service
If there is no Code of Conduct for all employees and contractors we can assist in the establishment and implementation of a code. This may include dress code, telephone answering, punctuality, greeting patients, conduct at reception, and responses to difficult patients or patient enquiries. We can also review an existing code on how staff present themselves or how to prioritise a busy reception desk.

Practice Accreditation

Introductory and re-accreditation guidance for completion of Accreditation Pro software and ongoing management.

Assist completion of Accreditation Pro
Accreditation Pro is the online tool made available through Quality in Practice (QIP) for practices to provide evidence, or reference to the evidence in relation to the Accreditation Standards. As this may be daunting, we can assist you in navigating the program. If you do not have access to the online tool for Accreditation Pro the evidence needs to be submitted to QIP in hard copy.



Dentists and dental practices in Victoria are subject to both State and Federal privacy laws.  The Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 was amended effective from 12 March 2014.  All dental practices in Australia must comply with the 13 new Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) which regulate how personal information (including health information) is to be handled under the Privacy Act.

To assist your practice comply with Federal Privacy, eHealth and State Health Records legislation, we can provide your staff with in-house Privacy Training and/or conduct a Privacy Review for your practice.


Practice Evaluation

A structured practice evaluation and needs analysis will be conducted by a Practice Plus consultant using an iAudit tool which generages an electronic report.  This is included with every Practice Plus subscription.


Services not provided by ADAVB Practice Plus

  • Valuations
  • Accounting (Practice structures)
  • Legal Advice (including Corporates) - please refer to Meridian Lawyers, ph. 1800 617 624
  • Design Advice
  • Human Resources (awards/wages) - please refer to ADA Inc. HR Advisory Service, ph. 1300 232 462 or

See our Practice Plus Service Directory for referrals to providers of these services.