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Making membership work for you – from engaging events and networking to indemnity insurance

ADAVB Group Meetings are a great way to network with local dentists and specialists in your area, as well as picking up some quality CPD and keeping up with the latest news from the ADAVB. 
I’ve made a point of ensuring that I will get around to all our 18 Regional Group Meetings over the next year or so to hear first-hand from members about the key issues they are facing in their local area.
To this end, I recently attended meetings of the Northern Melbourne Group, Inner East Group and the Goulburn Valley Group Lorne Conference, and have visits planned for the Waverley Group, Southern Group, Mid-Western Group and Northern Group throughout the year. 
I see these Group Meetings as a key interface between members and the ADAVB, and an important way to foster collegiality. Regular attendees should consider extending an invitation to their colleagues, particularly recent graduates. 
You can contact your local group Chair through the ADAVB website (About Us > Our Structure > Regional Group Chairs) to find out details of upcoming meetings. 
I look forward to seeing you there.
We were fortunate to have Susan Alberti AC present at a recent CPD event on dental trauma held at the MCG. Many members will know Susan as a passionate Western Bulldogs supporter, but she has also been the driving force behind the AFL Women’s competition and a strong advocate for medical research into diabetes. 
The event was well attended by more than 70 members who were able to combine excellent CPD with a tour of the MCG and an inspiring presentation from Susan. 
Read more about the event and view some photos from the day on page 8.
As Susan discussed in the President’s Comments, ADAVB recently signed a new agreement with Guild Insurance to be the provider of our professional indemnity scheme. 
Along with the NSW, South Australian and Tasmanian branches, we undertook a rigorous and robust tender process to ensure we selected the best insurer to look after one of the most important areas of practice for our members. 
As you know, our Community Relations Officers work closely with our preferred insurer to assist members in managing complaints, and we have a strong track record in this regard. 
I encourage members who are not currently insured with Guild to look closely at the new arrangement and consider switching.
Council recently adopted a new healthy eating policy to provide guidance for the food and drink choices at events we run, including continuing professional development, sports and social events. 
One of our key roles as dentists is to provide dietary advice for our patients, particularly in relation to sugar consumption and dental caries risk, but also emerging evidence linking obesity, type 2 diabetes and periodontal disease. 
The ADAVB felt that as the leading voice of dentistry in Victoria, it was important for us to lead by example and ensure that we were not offering sugary drinks and other unhealthy foods at our events. 
We have gradually started to implement these changes and received some positive feedback from members. 
I encourage you to think about the foods and drinks you have available in your dental practices, and to look at how you can contribute to creating a healthy food environment for your staff and patients.
A/Prof Matt Hopcraft

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Clinical A/Prof Matthew Hopcraft
Chief Executive Officer
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