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The one-year term of an ADAVB President might appear short, but after dedicating a year to serving our membership it feels more like the culmination of a role built up over several years. Working closely with the ADAVB’s Council, Executive and the many volunteers who fill our committee positions is both enjoyable and an honour. I must firstly thank them, as their contribution and input is the most valuable resource of our association.
The achievements over the last 12 months have contributed to the further growth of the ADAVB and together we continue to grow as an association. Your association is run for dentists by dentists, and it provides several valuable services including:
  • Advocacy
  • Representation
  • Access to Community Relations Officers
  • CPD
  • Services that support your professional life, whether you are a public clinic dentist, private practice owner or employee, recent graduate or ADA Tasmanian member.
Nationally we have made a significant splash by proudly supporting ADA Inc. in building a stronger voice for the profession with the ‘Save the CDBS’ and ‘time2switch’ campaigns, which have highlighted effective advocacy.
Our many partnerships have seen our media presence grow, with ADAVB participating in close to 20 media opportunities with multiple interviews across radio, television and print. Our communications strategy is evolving each month – especially with the continued growth of social media platforms that allow members to stay in touch with us via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
I must also thank the ADAVB staff and CEO for their support. It is only possible to take on such a role with their excellent and valuable contributions. It is a pleasure to be part of an organisation where staff are so committed to serving the members and the ADAVB’s ongoing success. I have thoroughly enjoyed my Presidency and have been honoured to work for and represent you.
June marks the end of an extraordinary career for the ADA’s longest-serving branch CEO, Mr Garry Pearson. When Garry started as the ADAVB CEO in 1991, his immediate priority was ‘to become fully conversant with the spectrum of views on current and developing dental issues, especially within the membership, and to identify and implement strategies by which the ADAVB may effectively address these’.
In his 26-year term as ADAVB CEO, Garry has guided the ADAVB to its very successful position – an organisation that is highly regarded as a model professional association. His vision and dedication to instilling good corporate governance has educated and developed its directors, having worked with 28 presidents and a considerable number of councillors and committee members.
Not only has this resulted in inestimable benefit to the association and the members but many of the ADAVB office bearers have moved onto senior roles within other organisations including the regulatory, educational and commercial sectors. Garry’s involvement in setting up the Health Sector Leadership Program will continue to provide leadership opportunity for many graduates not only for dentistry, but across the health sector.
A strong believer in professionalism and ethics that puts patient welfare first, his dedication to community oral health has led him to be closely aligned and involved in numerous health promotion partnerships and projects, including ‘Smoke Free Smiles’, and ‘Health Promoting Practices’, ‘Rethink Sugary Drink’, ‘Healthy Families/ Healthy Smiles’. These successful initiatives illustrate the ADAVB’s leadership in oral health promotion.
Garry has been recognised by the ADA community for contributions that were over and above what might be expected, and he has received the following awards:
2004 ADAVB Award for Distinguished Service
2006 ADA Award of Merit for Outstanding National Service
2017 ADA Tasmanian Branch Honorary Life Membership.
On behalf of the membership and the ADAVB, I wish to thank Garry for services to the profession and community far exceeding what was expected in his role as CEO of the ADAVB. He has served the ADAVB with distinction and we wish him all the very best with his future endeavours. I know he will be watching from afar, proud of the legacy he leaves.
As we prepare to bid farewell to Garry on 1 July, we are also excited to announce the appointment of our new ADAVB CEO, Clinical Associate Professor Matthew Hopcraft. Matthew will need little introduction to ADAVB members, having served 12 years on the ADAVB Council, including a term as President in 2011–12 and two years on the Federal Council. Matthew will begin his tenure on 3 July. The next edition of the newsletter will provide an opportunity to welcome him and the new ADAVB President, Dr Susan Wise, to their roles.
Lastly, on a personal note. I must take the opportunity to thank my practice staff for their willingness and ability to change and swap patients when I need them to, and my associate Jason Rerksirathai, who held the practice together while I was away. Also to my family, Maria, Franklin and Phillip for putting up with the constant interruptions to family life and their understanding that made it possible to serve and do the things that I like to do.
Thank you and goodbye from me.
Dr Andrew Gikas

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A message from ADAVB President Dr Andrew Gikas
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A message from ADAVB President Dr Andrew Gikas
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The ADAVB is very concerned about the CDBS.

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