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It was a full house at the ADAVB/Professionals Australia Public Dentistry EBA campaign update event on 30 June 2017. Public sector members were updated about the campaign progress and given the opportunity to endorse the Log of Claims that will form the basis of the negotiations. Victorian dentists working in the public sector earn 40 per cent less than their counterparts across the border in South Australia despite performing the same job with the same education. In fact, Victorian public sector dentists are the lowest paid dentists in Australia!

But this is not just a pay dispute. Rather, it is a comprehensive campaign ensuring that public dentists are supported in taking time off to attend CPD events, moving long service entitlements between public sector positions and ensuring they have comprehensive professional indemnity insurance as part of their entitlements.

The theme for the campaign is ‘Respect Public Dentistry So Everyone Can Smile’. Attendees at the campaign update event expanded on this slogan, writing inspiring signs, such as:

  • ‘We can make a difference to the lives of refugees, special needs groups and clients with mental illness’
  • ‘Oral health is a right of all Victorians’
  • ‘We at public dental clinics provide high quality, much needed dental work to our community’.

These were shared widely on social media – gaining much-needed attention for the cause. The Victorian public dentists overwhelmingly endorsed their Log of Claims to their respective employers. This justified the foresight of the ADAVB Council in 2015 to engage Professionals Australia in support of our many members working in the public sector.


I had the pleasure of attending the 2017 Health Sector Leadership Program (HSLP) launch in the magnificent Old Treasury Building. This is an initiative of the ADAVB to foster young leaders in the health sector and it is now in its seventh year. The health professional associations involved in this program are the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia Victoria Branch, the Dietitians Association of Australia, Speech Pathology Australia, Optometry Victoria, Osteopathy Australia, Chiropractors’ Association of Australia Victorian Branch and the ADAVB.

In addition, Guild Australia has two participants in this program. The course is facilitated by Leadership Victoria and has four modules:

  1. Ethical leadership
  2. Managing change (influence)
  3. Communication
  4. Managing change (resilience).

Participants are matched with mentors from other sectors who will guide them through this journey. They also have the wonderful opportunity to network with other health professionals.

The ADAVB participants are Drs Jocelyn Eer, Kevin Lai, Louise Liu and Martin Nguyen (pictured on the cover), who have all been active members of the ADAVB through the Public Dentistry Committee, Oral Health Committee, and Recent Graduates and Students Committee.

The President of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia Victorian Branch, Dr Anthony Coxon, remarked that the HSLP is ‘succession planning from the distance’. Many participants from the HLSP have joined the council or boards of their respective associations including state presidents and vice-presidents. This has certainly occured at the ADAVB. Graduates include four chairs of Branch committees, seven Councillors including Drs Suman Bellur and Devin Ong who are presently on Council, Executive Councillor Dr Gitika Sanghvi, and past Branch President and current Federal Councillor Dr Steve Liew.

Many thanks to Guild Insurance for sponsoring this valuable and worthwhile program, and Leadership Victoria for their expertise in facilitating it. I look forward to attending the HSLP graduation in November 2017 and hearing what our ADAVB participants have learnt from this program.


Congratulations to former ADAVB CEO Mr Garry Pearson for his induction into the Association Hall of Fame at the Associations Forum National Conference dinner in Sydney. This is a richly deserved honour to Garry for his leadership and dedication to the ADAVB over 26 years.

Congratulations also to the Australian Dental Industry Association for winning the Association of the Year Award.


I am always happy to hear your thoughts and I appreciate any feedback you would like to give. Feel free to email me any time at

Dr Susan Wise

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A message from ADAVB President Dr Andrew Gikas
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A message from ADAVB President Dr Andrew Gikas
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The ADAVB is very concerned about the CDBS.

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