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A new year and new goals
It’s a new year and like me you might be wondering, what can I do better in 2019? Hopefully you had time over the holidays to rest your mind and body before preparing to make improvements in the new year. Write a list of goals you would like to achieve in 2019 – about your career, professional development or further study, your hobbies, exercise, family or personal life. In 2019, I will be focusing on appreciating and spending time with my family as my children mature to young adults, to ensure they contribute to the community that has given them so much. I will also direct more energy to leading the ADA’s advocacy efforts to ensure the ADA is a strong voice for our profession. 
We should all be proud of our profession and being a member of the ADA. Our collective actions help achieve the ADA’s advocacy and oral health goals. Our association, more than ever, needs your active support. The proposed changes to scope of practice will change the dental landscape and I fear for the worst. It might create confusion for the public, making individuals unable to discern between an allied oral health practitioner and a dentist, exposing the public to possible risk from dental procedures performed by practitioners who do not have the foundation knowledge to carry them out safely and to a high standard.
Contact your state and federal MPs and point out the risk to their constituents. Corporates may use the scope of practice changes and the ambiguously worded statements by the Dental Board of Australia regarding CPD to force their employees to ‘upskill’ over a weekend course, and to carry out dental procedures they are underqualified to perform in order to remain employed. It is likely that adverse outcomes will occur, which will not only be unfortunate for the patient, but also the dental profession.
The ADA has developed video and template resources to help you with approaching your local parliamentarian. Visit
In 2019, be proactive in preparation for further regulations. Consider contacting Practice Plus to discuss accreditation of your practice. It is likely that accreditation will become a necessity in the future. It might be prudent to prepare your practice now before accreditation becomes compulsory, which may be even more arduous! Ensure your practice has good infection control procedures, as WorkCover is carrying out safety audits. Practice Plus has a strong focus on infection control and health and safety, and as member, you have access to more than 140 free resources.
Explore our range of contemporary practical, clinical and non-clinical CPD workshops and lectures, and enjoy a total experience – think museums, wine and tortellini! Refer to the CPD handbook enclosed for what’s in store for CPD in 2019. We have something for everyone!
Starting the new year with research questions? Discuss your clinical research project ideas with eviDent and they could become a reality! Look up eviDent research reports at and apply the findings to your everyday practice. Or find out more about how you can get involved. 
Need help with your busy practice? Running a small business can be hard work, but Meridian Lawyers, LifeWorks, our professional consultants/CROs and our HR advisory service can reduce the strain. Please see contact details below. 
Share the workload by taking on a new graduate – log in to to find the best candidate for your practice.
Our lives are busy and can be isolating. Attend your local group meetings and stay connected with the ADAVB and your colleagues. One of your goals for 2019 could be to try at least one of the member services I’ve mentioned above, and I challenge you to invite a colleague to join the ADA. 
Our association offers so much for members and we can be stronger if all our members are energised and involved in some way. Together we can make the ADAVB the association that is recognised as the leading voice in oral health care and the dental profession in 2019 and beyond!
Dr Kevin Morris
> Meridian Legal Helpline: 1800 617 624 (first 20 minutes of the call is free)
> Lifeworks: 1300 361 008
> Professional Consultants/CROs: 8825 4600
> HR Advisory Service: 1300 232 462

Seeing in a new year
I hope you’ve all had a restful break and are ready for the year ahead! A confession to begin this note: I am the NYE grinch. Seeing in the New Year is probably my least favourite annual celebratory event; it’s not just my personal struggle to stay awake past 10pm or the pressure of attending an event – it’s the New Year’s resolution. I like to think that if I want to achieve something, I can make it happen any time of the year regardless of the date (my first failure with giving up smoking was a NY resolution, the second time was success by willpower mid-year). A recent study found that 88 per cent of resolutions fail. 
Here’s another trivia stat: a 2013 study found that people with goal-setting habits are more likely to suffer from depression. It makes sense that non-specific goals can lead to reduced motivation and feelings of failure. The crowd-motivating big statements seen by politicians and organisations can often be seen to fall short of our expectations. ADATas had a good 2018; there were many achievements and successes. Are we hoping to grow membership numbers and sell out events with international speakers? Of course we are, but the goals we are setting are to continue to provide quality services and benefits for our members, and to maintain our reputation as your professional body, representing you on the key priority issues.
2019 has kicked off with finalising our Tasmanian CPD calendar. With four full-day events and study groups around the state, our education committee continues to work hard to provide high-quality education for dentists. Our planned endodontic seminar on 8 June will take place during the internationally renowned Dark Mofo festival in Hobart. This is an opportunity for all members to take part in a Tasmanian celebration of art and darkness as well as listening to leading presenters in their field.
Your Council wishes you the very best for the year and hopes that all your goals are achieved! Happy New Year!
Dr Angie Nilsson

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