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The financial year is drawing to a close, so remember to pay your membership renewal before 1 July to get your tax deduction for this financial year.
The ADAVB has invested in IT this year, with a new membership management database. This will permit more efficient management and follow up of members’ requests and services. The improved data fields will enable the ADAVB to keep up to date, and member access to information and services will be improved through interaction with a more streamlined and easy-to-use member dashboard and website.
You will see the beginnings of this new system during the renewal period. You will pay your renewals using a unique link and secure payment gateway. The next phase will be the implementation of the member dashboard where you can log in and ensure your details are up to date. There will also be optional fields, which I recommend you look at and select areas of professional interest. This will help the system promote services or events that are of most interest to you. You will be able to manage your ADAVB invoices in one place, and register and pay for events and services using a simpler payment tool.
The updated website will present a contemporary association with a more intuitive and streamlined information structure. The ADAVB staff will have more control of the website, and it will be easier to update with relevant topics and events.
I am confident that the new membership management system will help the ADAVB serve each member more effectively. More features will be introduced over time to improve the interaction between members and the ADAVB, so stay tuned.
Many positive events have occurred throughout the year of which we can be proud. With the courage and support of our public sector members, and the expertise and hard work of Professionals Australia and the ADAVB, a very substantial Enterprise Bargaining Agreement was achieved for public-sector dentists.  
A more diverse CPD program, catering for a broader cohort of dentists, was implemented and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I am confident that there are courses in the CPD program that would suit all our members’ diverse interests.
Our successful oral health advocacy during the state election resulted in increased public discourse about oral health, with regular features appearing in the media and politicians from all sides announcing dental policies, including the return of school dental vans for dental treatment of children in Victorian public schools. The ADAVB will continue to advise and work with the Victorian Government to ensure this project benefits both our members and Victorian families (see page 10 for more information).
The federal ADA successfully advocated regarding expanding scope of practice of allied dental practitioners. The advocacy from Victoria helped convince our state health minister and the federal health minister to refer this issue to an independent body, ASHCQ, to investigate its safety for the public.
Our successful convention last year attracted more than 600 delegates. I look forward to our next convention in 2020, which the team is already busy planning.
Thank you to the members who completed the recent ADA survey. It is important to participate in these as they help shape ADA services and events, and help us understand and respond to your needs. The more you contribute to your association, the more effective we will become in advocating on your behalf, and providing services and events of greater benefit to you. 
On that note, consider taking a role on an ADAVB committee. Log in at to put yourself forward. If you don’t have time for extra commitments, make the time to at least talk to councillors, members of staff or fellow colleagues when these opportunities come up. If you are considering ways to get involved, I encourage you to nominate for Council in June 2020. 
As I complete my term as President, I thank the CEO and the ADAVB staff on tirelessly working, adapting and improving our branch to meet the needs of our diverse membership. I thank the councillors for their guidance and support to ensure our strategic direction remains true to the values of our association and the needs of our members. I congratulate Dr Gitika Sanghvi as incoming President, and I am confident that her leadership will continue to guide and improve the ADAVB and that the membership will support her role in not only standing up for the profession but also for the health of the Victorian community. 
Dr Kevin Morris



From the President - Tasmania

Round two

This is now my second year of having the honour of being ADATas President. I’ve met a lot of awesome people, been a part of positive changes and listened to leading experts in our field. 

My learning curve was steep, and I feel ready to take on the next 12 months as a confident, self-assured leader.

*Click, send! That sinking feeling when you realise that you meant to BCC the 170 people in the group rather than CC them all in. A flurry of advice from our very experienced federal councillor and an apology email sent. Blind carbon copied. Know that the unruffled duck on the surface is paddling like hell underwater.

It’s a reminder that while some of us have been practising dentistry for long enough to run on autopilot, remaining alert and checking every detail as if we were fresh out of university is essential to avoiding simple mistakes. 

For those times when no matter how many times you have checked something you still come a cropper, there’s a Community Relations Officer/Professional Consultant waiting to support you. Call (03) 8825 4600, Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. And if, like me, you catastrophise the small things, there’s our free confidential counselling and support service by LifeWorks available 24 hours a day 7 days a week on 1300 361 008.

The week I am writing this is also National Volunteer Week. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers involved in making Tasmania’s dental community the unique and amazing group it is whether it’s being a mentor in our Mentoring Program, speaking at a study group, facilitating the Dental Health Week stall, or being an ADATas Councillor. The organisation would not be here without volunteers and we welcome anyone who would like to be involved. 

For those of you interested in volunteering for the Australian Dental Health Foundation’s programs such as the Dental Rescue Day, contact Tasmania’s ADHF coordinator Dianne Travers at for more information.

Dr Angie Nilsson

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