ADAVB CPD Calendar
  Clinical Update Online - December 2019
Tuesday 31 December 2019  23:59 to 23:59   At a computer near you 
Online Quiz  Online: 1 Hour Scientific CPD  

The ADAVB is pleased to deliver to members our Newsletter Clinical Update online. Each month we will update the website to include the new Clinical Update.  This will be identical to the same months’ newsletter.  There are 11 Clinical Updates a year, which is in line with the distribution of the ADAVB Newsletter from February to December.
To be able to view and answer the Clinical Update questions you first must log in between 1 Feb and 31 Dec each year.  This service is available to ADAVB members only.  If you answer at least 9 out of 10 questions correctly you will receive one (1) hour of scientific CPD.

Click here to access the current Clinical Update online.